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joy. from for KING & COUNTRY was released on Friday, May 18 and if you've not yet heard it, you owe it to  yourself to check it out.

360,000+ streams on Spotify in 3 days!

37 adds at radio in only 3 days. 

Also, my son and daughter have been holding dance parties on the regular to this song since it's release. It's 🔥 in every way.

Joy Single Cover 3-9.jpg

Plumb "Exhale" Top 10 on Billboard's Christian Airplay Chart

Thanks to Gary Trust and Billboard for the write-up! I'm very honored to be part of this team. Congrats to John Butler, Sean Hannon and the team at Curb Records on the third Top 10 single for Plumb on this chart. Also, massive congrats to Chris Hauser, Matt Ingle, Katie Green as well...I'm thrilled to be on the team with you all! Interview Feature

I've been following a site called for many years now. It's a radio industry trade site run by a guy named Ted Kelly. Ted does a tremendous job each week reporting on the news and happenings in Christian radio, posts great research data from Hit Music Research and features some excellent columns each week. He also does a weekly interview with someone associated with Christian radio...often PDs and MDs, on-air talent and sometimes, music industry professionals.

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Ted at and this week, my interview is featured on the site.