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9 Weeks At #1 For "The River"

It's a career highlight for me to be part of the team promoting "The River" from Jordan Feliz. This song began as a Hot AC/CHR only single but as folks started to hear it, they started to add it to their radio stations regardless of their format. We've had champions for this song at radio along the way...folks willing to step out and share their research or passion for this song so others might see what they're seeing and...jump in the river. It's been extraordinary and it's sat at #1 for a total of 9 weeks (at the posting of this blog) on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart. The research on this song is phenomenal as well...Troy Research's latest survey lists "The River" as the #7 best testing song across the broad demo of Women 25-54...it's been researching in the top 5 since it's release in September, 2016.

Lauren Daigle "Trust In You" Top 10 In 3 Weeks

Reaching the Top 10 on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart is no easy task. Reaching it in 7 weeks is unheard of these days. Lauren Daigle has done just that. "Trust In You" began receiving airplay from Christian radio stations on December 26, 2015 and in one week's time, entered the top 5o on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart. As of February 13, 2016, the song is already in the Top 10 on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart...in 7 weeks on the chart (3 weeks since it's official add date). 

"Trust In You" from Lauren Daigle began with 54 radio stations playing it in it's first week. We are 2 weeks removed from it's add date and have 23 new stations reporting adds today across all formats (20 at AC). What a phenomenon. Thanks radio friends for believing in this song! 

It is a song that people can sing along with that says incredibly important things about God, "You are my strength and comfort. You are my steady hand. You are my firm foundation...the rock on which I stand. Your ways are always higher. Your plans are always good. There's not a place where I'll go, You've not already stood."

It then goes on to say "When You don't move the mountains I'm needing You to move. When You don't part the waters I wish I could walk through. When You don't give be answers as I cry out to You. I will trust, I will trust, I WILL TRUST IN YOU."

That's a massive statement. It's easy to trust God when all is well. It's hard to trust Him in the midst of suffering or great trial. Yet, He is good and trust worthy.

"Trust In You" from Lauren Daigle

Trust In You

Lauren Daigle is on-fire right now! We're coming off a 3-week #1 single at Billboard's Christian Audience chart with "First" and her new song, "Trust In You" just went for adds across all formats at Christian radio. The song debuted on January 25, 2016 with 54 radio stations reporting adds across all formats. This is the most-added song in Lauren's short career and the biggest add date in the history of Centricity Music! Congrats to Lauren and her team at RedJett Management on an incredible start to this song!

Jordan Feliz "The River" #1 at Christian Radio

Jordan Feliz's single "The River" has reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Audience chart with a total weekly audience of just over 5.2 million weekly listeners right before Christmas. Merry Christmas to Centricity Music. This song is a phenomenon. It's moved quickly...#1 in only 19 weeks! Congrats to Jordan on a massive accomplishment!

"The River" is #1 for 7 Consecutive Weeks

Jordan Feliz released his debut single to radio in August of 2015. "The River" debuted at #26 on Billboard's Hot AC/CHR August 24. In only 9 weeks, the song has reached #1 on the chart! It's remained at #1 for 7 consecutive weeks. What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations to Jordan and his entire team. This is a special song and it's an honor to be carrying it to radio.

"The River" is #1 at HOT AC/CHR!

Jordan Feliz is on fire. His single "The River" has caught on like no other single I have ever promoted to radio in my career. He has champions at all formats. The song is researching incredibly well. The song is also selling...top 5 at iTunes for several weeks now (currently #2 behind "Good Good Father" by Chris Tomlin). Now, it's #1 on Billboard's Hot AC/CHR chart which marks the 2nd time in consecutive weeks that Centricity Music and 55 Promotion have celebrated a #1 single at radio! Unreal. I think we have much more to come from Jordan so if you haven't checked out his music yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Congrats to Jordan and the team at Centricity Music. #1 singles aren't common and this team is on a role!

"First" is #1

It was an absolutely thrill to recently celebrate the first #1 single in the history of 55 Promotion! Congratulations to Lauren Daigle on his very first #1 single on Billboard's Christian Airplay Chart. It's an incredible accomplishment! I'm thrilled for her and the entire team at Centricity Music. Kris Love and Jennifer Allen are great at what they do and it's been an honor to work alongside them to achieve this milestone.

"First" moves into the Top 5 on Billboard's Christian Airplay Chart

This is a big week. Coming out of CMB's Momentum 2015, Lauren Daigle's song "First" is in the TOP 5 at Billboard's Christian Airplay chart (#4 this week) AND both the song and her album are #1 on iTunes in their category. Unreal. Congrats to Lauren and the entire team at Centricity Music and Eaglemont Entertainment. What an incredible accomplishment. 

Jordan Feliz "The River" is blowing up!

"The River" by Jordan Feliz | Available at all digital outlets


I'm incredibly honored to be promoting Centricity Music's newcomer Jordan Feliz to Christian radio. His new single "The River" has exploded onto the airwaves with 15 stations in the first 2 weeks at Christian AC and 11 stations on at Christian Hot AC/CHR. I haven't heard folks respond with such enthusiasm for a song in a long time. I'm happy for Jordan and excited to see where this takes us! Here's the lyric video to his new single. Check it out!

Carrollton "Let Love Win"

Centricity Music just released a new song from Carrollton that I'm very honored to help promote to Christian radio. The song is called "Let Love Win" and it was released to radio on June 23 via PlayMPE and within just a few days, was added at The Joy FM network and 88.3 The Wind in Springfield, MO. You can hear the song below. What a great message in the midst of the chaos surrounding us on a daily basis!

From the team at Centricity...

Christian radio target listener's newsfeed on her phone is full of not only deeply sad stories (Ferguson, Baltimore and now Charleston) but countless debates, arguments and fights about culture today, not to mention the political season and arguments that are getting ready to start up.

We believe this song can be the Church’s and her answer to all of that.

"We believe Your love is the strongest way…Even in this darkness Hope will rise again, when we lay down our weapons and we let Love win."

First by Lauren Daigle

I'm honored to be part of the team that's promoting Lauren Daigle's new single "First" to Christian radio. I've been a huge fan of Lauren since she started putting up live videos on her YouTube channel in 2014 so being part of her team is quite a thrill. She's a star...she has incredible voice, a dynamic personality AND she's the real deal. She truly makes music for all of the right reasons. The new single impacts Christian radio June 19. 

You can watch the lyric video here: