Carrollton "Let Love Win"

Centricity Music just released a new song from Carrollton that I'm very honored to help promote to Christian radio. The song is called "Let Love Win" and it was released to radio on June 23 via PlayMPE and within just a few days, was added at The Joy FM network and 88.3 The Wind in Springfield, MO. You can hear the song below. What a great message in the midst of the chaos surrounding us on a daily basis!

From the team at Centricity...

Christian radio target listener's newsfeed on her phone is full of not only deeply sad stories (Ferguson, Baltimore and now Charleston) but countless debates, arguments and fights about culture today, not to mention the political season and arguments that are getting ready to start up.

We believe this song can be the Church’s and her answer to all of that.

"We believe Your love is the strongest way…Even in this darkness Hope will rise again, when we lay down our weapons and we let Love win."