Joshua Micah "Parachute"

I'm so pumped to be working with Joshua Micah. His song "Parachute" has jumped for completely unknown to #6 on the Billboard Hot A/CHR chart in only 7 weeks...and more stations are adding it this week. Here's some info on him...the future is bright!

"If I jumped out of an airplane and could only take one song with me, it would be Parachute." -- Rob Wagman, Network Program Director at WAY-FM

"Parachute" is the ultimate grass roots story! Joshua Micah followed one of our DJ's (Jeremy Louis) on Twitter. Jeremy got curious, found "Parachute," and brought it to our next music meeting. It was an instant add, and has been top 10 across all our research metrics so far! "Parachute" has a fresh, modern vibe. To say it feels mainstream would be an understatement; Joshua is a step ahead of mainstream. -- Mike Couchman, PD at JOYFM and Boost 101.9 in St. Louis

"Every once in awhile a song will come along that just blows you away from the very first listen - "Parachute" is one of those songs - it's a fresh sound with a great vocal and lyrics that connect (and that you can't help but sing along to). It is so good. I literally have turned the radio up every time it comes up in rotation. Easily my favorite song right now. “Parachute” raises the bar and I look forward to seeing the continued impact it has on our listener's lives." -- Steve Shore, APD at WAY-FM Network

Mike Couchman (Program Director at Boost 101.9 and Joy FM St. Louis, MO) was the first person to introduce me to Joshua Micah. Joshua had a song called “Parachute” that was written at a time in his life where things didn’t make sense. It was a season of struggle and suffering in his life and a time where Jesus became exactly what He says He will become for us…all we ever need. He shared it with Mike’s team. Mike shared it with me. We both shared it with colleagues at radios stations all across the US and now, it’s officially being shared with YOU.

Joshua is a self-starter…he built a massive following for himself online (750,000+ followers on VINE along with 130 MILLION views along with significant Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube followings). As he began thinking of how “Parachute” could impact people, he decided to reach out to Christian radio PDs and MDs and air talent to see what they thought of the song. Most of you ignore indie artists who do this…don’t pretend. However, one of the Boost 101.9 personalities receive a Twitter message from Joshua one day, checked out the song, loved it and brought it to a music meeting.

From there, the song has received airplay on 11 stations simply by folks passing around a WAV file of the track. 

Here’s who is on the song:

WAY-FM Network
Boost 101.9 in St. Louis, MO
NGEN in Houston, TX
Power 88.3 in Port Huron, MI
SolutionFM in Bangor, ME
Q90.1 in Worcester, MA
Y102.5 in Hartford, CT
The Z in Spartanburg, SC
Pulse 101.7 in Des Moines, IA
KXOJ2 in Tulsa, OK
VIBE HD in Columbus, OH
Spark HD3 89.7 in Chicago, IL


“Parachute” was one of WAY-FM’s first two adds of 2017.

If your listeners lives are plummeting towards earth at rapid speeds (often, that’s all of us) and you need remind them of the one hope we have in this life, then you should check this song out. It’s a brilliant metaphor of the absolute radical grace of Jesus in the way He rescues us from death.


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