joy. from for KING & COUNTRY was released on Friday, May 18 and if you've not yet heard it, you owe it to  yourself to check it out.

360,000+ streams on Spotify in 3 days!

37 adds at radio in only 3 days. 

Also, my son and daughter have been holding dance parties on the regular to this song since it's release. It's 🔥 in every way.

Joy Single Cover 3-9.jpg

Let’s Do It Again


#3 Mediabase Audience

#4 Mediabase AC

#3 Billboard/BDS AIRPLAY

#2 Billboard/BDS AC MOnitored

TroyResearch numbers…
#4 overall with a score of 4.12 (95% familiar).
F25-34 = 4.19
F35-44 = 4.10
F45-54 = 4.09

82 AC stations on…new at WFSH/Atlanta, WFFH/Nashville, KCBI/Dallas, KKFS/Sacramento, KVNE/Tyler, KJNW/Kansas City, KTSY/Boise, KLTY/Dallas, KFSH/LA, WGTS/Washington DC, KLJY/St. Louis, WAKW/Cincinnati, WCVO/Columbus, Christian FM, WAFJ/Augusta, WPAR/Roanoke, WCQR/Johnson City, WGNV/Green Bay and KVMV/McAllen.

56+ million streams across all platforms. Elevation has a TOP 5 streaming audience on Spotify every week this song is adding 800,000+ streams to it's count. There are 2+ million streams every week right now on the song across all streaming platforms.

Planning Center #5 overall(35,000+ churches weekly data)

CCLI SongSelect - #5 overall (70,000+ worship leaders subscribed)

Nielsen Consumption (Top 200 Christian Songs):
1. Reckless Love - 16,508
2. So Will I (100 Billion X) - 10,620
3. Do It Again - 10,403
4. What A Beautiful Name - 8,774
5. Grace Got You - 7,491
6. joy. - 7,462
7. I Just Need U - 7,427
8. Even If - 6,923
9. Fear Is A Liar - 6,773
10. Who You Say I Am - 6,290

In 2017, Elevation Worship became the 5th highest selling and streaming act in all of Christian music on the back of significant airplay at radio for the song "O Come To The Altar" which spent 48 weeks on Billboard's Christian Airplay chart (15 weeks in the TOP 5) and spent 38 weeks on Billboard's AC Monitored chart (26 weeks in the TOP 10). It was one of the most-played songs in all of 2017 at Christian radio. "O Come To The Altar" was just certified GOLD by RIAA!

"Do It Again" is the latest from Elevation Worshipand it's poised to repeat the success of "O Come To The Altar" for you at radio.

Relates Elevation Worship’s Chris Brown...

"This song is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. I believe our testimony is one of the most powerful tools we have as followers of Jesus. You know, it’s looking back and remembering how God came through for you, how He provided for you that time when you didn’t know how you were gonna pay that month’s rent, or how He was with you when you walked through the loss of that relationship. This song has been a reminder for me that even when I felt like giving up…felt like quitting…I remember this, that God is FOR ME, and God is WITH ME. The Scripture says in Lamentations 3:22-23“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning! Great is Your faithfulness.” “Do It Again” is a personal declaration that come what may, my confidence remains in the faithfulness of God and in the promises He has made me.”


KEY STATS for "Do It Again":

Top 5 in Christian music on Nielsen's weekly consumption chart (streams + sales)

#5 on Planning Center

#5 on CCLI's SongSelect chart

56+ MILLION streams across all platforms


Reckless Love hits #1

Reckless Love from Cory Asbury reached #1 on the Mediabase Christian Audience chart in only 7 weeks. 


This song has changed me in so many ways. The love of God is extraordinary. The reality of what He has done for me through Christ while I was an enemy of God just blows me away. This song is being heard every day on the radio by millions of people and I’m so honored to have a role in carrying it to radio. If you have not heard Reckless Love yet, watch the video and let it sink into your soul. 

Are Christian AC radio listeners ready for modern pop?

I've been thinking about this question for a while...

Is the Christian AC audience ready for the modern pop sound?

We all know the trend...a sound gets popular in the general market. Two years later the CCM labels sign and develop acts that sound like this. Two years after that, those acts start getting played on the radio.

The problem is, we have access to more information and data than we ever have had before. Can we jump into these musical trends sooner? If so, now's the time for Christian AC to start playing some pop music.

The general market is FULL of this sound and has been for a while...

Mike Couchman (PD at JOY FM and Boost 101.9 in St. Louis, MO) posted this to the CHR forum a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you...

From Nielsen (

Pop Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) had a down year compared with 2016, but it remained the top-ranked format in terms of audience share among kids 6-11, teens 12-17, Millennials aged 18-34 and persons 25-to-54. 


Listening to Urban Contemporary stations (also known as hip-hop) was much more prevalent among younger audiences


Hot AC lands at the FIFTH highest rated format of the year. Hot AC, in case you haven't spent a lot of time with it, sounds nothing like Christian Hot AC. It's essentially Pop/CHR but they add slower and are generally conservative on the rhythmic side.

When you combine Pop AND Hot AC shares among all ages, you get a 13.5 share. That's nearly 4 shares ahead of News/Talk (which would be #2). Throw Urban in and you're at a whopping 17.3 share.


I've been watching KOST in LA for a while now and have noticed that this sound is all over their airwaves. Here are a few examples of songs they have in current rotation:

"Treat You Better" from Shawn Mendes

"Something Jus Life This" from Chainsmokers and Coldplay

"Believer" from Imagine Dragons

"What Lovers Do" from Maroon 5

A look at the Billboard AC Top 30 reveals even more pop at the format...


Zedd feat. Justin Bieber

Alessia Cara

Charlie Puth

Niall Horan

Portugal.The Man

Justin Bieber


Examples of this sound are all over the format in recurrent as well. I simply pulled a few currents to illustrate the point.

The general market is all over this sound. Is the Christian AC audience ready for it? Are you as a programmer ready to introduce it to them?

I know there are a lot of reasons the Christian AC format is where it is sonically and there are reasons the audience comes to you that are much more important that the sound/vibe but this is all something to think about for the new year...

It might be possible to give them what they're coming to you for while giving them a sound that sounds like right now.

Thanks for reading!

WHO SAYS an indie act can't grab his 2nd consecutive #1 song at radio?


I couldn't be more proud of Joshua Micah for his latest accomplishment! His second single "Who Says" just reached #1 on Billboard's Christian Hot AC/CHR chart in its 12th week on the chart! Huge thank you to Boost 101.9 (Mike Couchman and Jeremy Louis) for introducing me to Joshua back in October of '16 when he released his song "Parachute". It's been a blast running this song up the chart. So grateful to my radio friends for all of the support at Hot AC/CHR radio!

Boost 101.9 in St. Louis
AIR1 Network
NGEN in Houston, TX
y102.5 in Hartford, CT
The Q 99.7 in Springfield, MA
The Q 90.1 in Worcester, MA
SolutionFM in Bangor, ME
The Z in Spartanburg, SC
SpiritFM in Tampa, FL
Power88.3 in Port Huron, MI
MyFuelFM in Traverse City, MI
Q90FM in Green Bay, WI
Power88 in Mobile, AL
Spirit 106.9 in Fort Smith, AR
PULSE 101.7 in Des Moines, IA
My New Life Radio in Joplin, MO
The House FM network

Joshua Micah's debut single lands at #1 on Billboard Hot AC/CHR

The difference between #1 and #2 this week on Billboard/BDS Christian Hot AC/CHR was 2 spins. TWO SPINS! Indie pop act Joshua Micah officials hits #1 this week with his debut single "Parachute" edging out "Love Broke Thru" from TobyMac. Congratulations to Joshua on a massive accomplishment for any artist...but for an indie artist on a debut single? This is bananas. We are forever grateful to Jeremy Louis at Boost 101.9 in St. Louis for first checking out the song and bringing it to a music meeting and for Mike Couchman (PD at Boost 101.9 and Joy FM) for connecting Joshua with 55 Promotion while being a consistent champion for this song.

Danny Gokey "Rise" hits #1 at Mediabase and Billboard

#1 songs 

#1 songs are always a huge deal. I'm so honored to be part of this one alongside my friends Chris Hauser, Matt Ingle and Katie Green. Thankful to our friends at radio for supporting Danny and this great song. Congrats to the team at Maximum Artist Group and BMG as well. What an accomplishment!

Parachute is #2

It's always amazing to be this close to the top of the radio charts. It's even more amazing to be this close when the artist is fully independent. Joshua Micah is making the music he was made to create. His producers (Hatch Music = Joshua Schiffman and Benjamin Bright) are bring out the best in him and offering something fresh (also, DOPE). God is doing this...we're joining him. It's been fun!

Joshua Micah "Parachute"

I'm so pumped to be working with Joshua Micah. His song "Parachute" has jumped for completely unknown to #6 on the Billboard Hot A/CHR chart in only 7 weeks...and more stations are adding it this week. Here's some info on him...the future is bright!

"If I jumped out of an airplane and could only take one song with me, it would be Parachute." -- Rob Wagman, Network Program Director at WAY-FM

"Parachute" is the ultimate grass roots story! Joshua Micah followed one of our DJ's (Jeremy Louis) on Twitter. Jeremy got curious, found "Parachute," and brought it to our next music meeting. It was an instant add, and has been top 10 across all our research metrics so far! "Parachute" has a fresh, modern vibe. To say it feels mainstream would be an understatement; Joshua is a step ahead of mainstream. -- Mike Couchman, PD at JOYFM and Boost 101.9 in St. Louis

"Every once in awhile a song will come along that just blows you away from the very first listen - "Parachute" is one of those songs - it's a fresh sound with a great vocal and lyrics that connect (and that you can't help but sing along to). It is so good. I literally have turned the radio up every time it comes up in rotation. Easily my favorite song right now. “Parachute” raises the bar and I look forward to seeing the continued impact it has on our listener's lives." -- Steve Shore, APD at WAY-FM Network

Mike Couchman (Program Director at Boost 101.9 and Joy FM St. Louis, MO) was the first person to introduce me to Joshua Micah. Joshua had a song called “Parachute” that was written at a time in his life where things didn’t make sense. It was a season of struggle and suffering in his life and a time where Jesus became exactly what He says He will become for us…all we ever need. He shared it with Mike’s team. Mike shared it with me. We both shared it with colleagues at radios stations all across the US and now, it’s officially being shared with YOU.

Joshua is a self-starter…he built a massive following for himself online (750,000+ followers on VINE along with 130 MILLION views along with significant Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube followings). As he began thinking of how “Parachute” could impact people, he decided to reach out to Christian radio PDs and MDs and air talent to see what they thought of the song. Most of you ignore indie artists who do this…don’t pretend. However, one of the Boost 101.9 personalities receive a Twitter message from Joshua one day, checked out the song, loved it and brought it to a music meeting.

From there, the song has received airplay on 11 stations simply by folks passing around a WAV file of the track. 

Here’s who is on the song:

WAY-FM Network
Boost 101.9 in St. Louis, MO
NGEN in Houston, TX
Power 88.3 in Port Huron, MI
SolutionFM in Bangor, ME
Q90.1 in Worcester, MA
Y102.5 in Hartford, CT
The Z in Spartanburg, SC
Pulse 101.7 in Des Moines, IA
KXOJ2 in Tulsa, OK
VIBE HD in Columbus, OH
Spark HD3 89.7 in Chicago, IL


“Parachute” was one of WAY-FM’s first two adds of 2017.

If your listeners lives are plummeting towards earth at rapid speeds (often, that’s all of us) and you need remind them of the one hope we have in this life, then you should check this song out. It’s a brilliant metaphor of the absolute radical grace of Jesus in the way He rescues us from death.


9 Weeks At #1 For "The River"

It's a career highlight for me to be part of the team promoting "The River" from Jordan Feliz. This song began as a Hot AC/CHR only single but as folks started to hear it, they started to add it to their radio stations regardless of their format. We've had champions for this song at radio along the way...folks willing to step out and share their research or passion for this song so others might see what they're seeing and...jump in the river. It's been extraordinary and it's sat at #1 for a total of 9 weeks (at the posting of this blog) on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart. The research on this song is phenomenal as well...Troy Research's latest survey lists "The River" as the #7 best testing song across the broad demo of Women's been researching in the top 5 since it's release in September, 2016.

Lauren Daigle "Trust In You" Top 10 In 3 Weeks

Reaching the Top 10 on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart is no easy task. Reaching it in 7 weeks is unheard of these days. Lauren Daigle has done just that. "Trust In You" began receiving airplay from Christian radio stations on December 26, 2015 and in one week's time, entered the top 5o on Billboard's Christian Audience Chart. As of February 13, 2016, the song is already in the Top 10 on Billboard's Christian Audience 7 weeks on the chart (3 weeks since it's official add date). 

"Trust In You" from Lauren Daigle began with 54 radio stations playing it in it's first week. We are 2 weeks removed from it's add date and have 23 new stations reporting adds today across all formats (20 at AC). What a phenomenon. Thanks radio friends for believing in this song! 

It is a song that people can sing along with that says incredibly important things about God, "You are my strength and comfort. You are my steady hand. You are my firm foundation...the rock on which I stand. Your ways are always higher. Your plans are always good. There's not a place where I'll go, You've not already stood."

It then goes on to say "When You don't move the mountains I'm needing You to move. When You don't part the waters I wish I could walk through. When You don't give be answers as I cry out to You. I will trust, I will trust, I WILL TRUST IN YOU."

That's a massive statement. It's easy to trust God when all is well. It's hard to trust Him in the midst of suffering or great trial. Yet, He is good and trust worthy.

"Trust In You" from Lauren Daigle

Trust In You

Lauren Daigle is on-fire right now! We're coming off a 3-week #1 single at Billboard's Christian Audience chart with "First" and her new song, "Trust In You" just went for adds across all formats at Christian radio. The song debuted on January 25, 2016 with 54 radio stations reporting adds across all formats. This is the most-added song in Lauren's short career and the biggest add date in the history of Centricity Music! Congrats to Lauren and her team at RedJett Management on an incredible start to this song!

Natalie Grant "Be One" Hits The Top 10!

It's been an honor to work alongside the promotion team at Curb Records to promote Natalie Grant's latest single "Be One" to Christian radio. The song officially went for adds on September 28, 2016. It's been on the chart for 15 weeks total including the Christmas music season. If you take away those three wonky weeks, where most Christian AC radio stations switch to Christmas formats, then you're talking about a top 10 single on Billboard's Christian Audience chart in only 12 weeks. This is crazy fast for any song right now in this current season at Christian radio! 

Jordan Feliz "The River" #1 at Christian Radio

Jordan Feliz's single "The River" has reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Audience chart with a total weekly audience of just over 5.2 million weekly listeners right before Christmas. Merry Christmas to Centricity Music. This song is a phenomenon. It's moved quickly...#1 in only 19 weeks! Congrats to Jordan on a massive accomplishment!

"The River" is #1 for 7 Consecutive Weeks

Jordan Feliz released his debut single to radio in August of 2015. "The River" debuted at #26 on Billboard's Hot AC/CHR August 24. In only 9 weeks, the song has reached #1 on the chart! It's remained at #1 for 7 consecutive weeks. What an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations to Jordan and his entire team. This is a special song and it's an honor to be carrying it to radio.

Two weeks at #1 for Lauren Daigle

It's been incredible to be part of Lauren Daigle's very first #1 single at radio! Two weeks in a row...crazy. I'm so encouraged by radio's support of Lauren and this song. It's been extraordinary. Also, quite incredible to see it sitting at the top of the sales charts from the first week it released to radio...that says a lot. Multi-week #1 singles aren't common these days so massive congratulations to Lauren and the entire team at Centricity! Well done!

"The River" is #1 at HOT AC/CHR!

Jordan Feliz is on fire. His single "The River" has caught on like no other single I have ever promoted to radio in my career. He has champions at all formats. The song is researching incredibly well. The song is also 5 at iTunes for several weeks now (currently #2 behind "Good Good Father" by Chris Tomlin). Now, it's #1 on Billboard's Hot AC/CHR chart which marks the 2nd time in consecutive weeks that Centricity Music and 55 Promotion have celebrated a #1 single at radio! Unreal. I think we have much more to come from Jordan so if you haven't checked out his music yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Congrats to Jordan and the team at Centricity Music. #1 singles aren't common and this team is on a role!

Lauren Daigle – 3 Dove Awards and #1 Single


Daigle performs at 46th Annual Dove Awards Photo Credit: Jamie Gilliam

Daigle performs at 46th Annual Dove Awards
Photo Credit: Jamie Gilliam


Nashville, Tenn. (October 14, 2015) —- It was an incredible evening for Centricity Music artist Lauren Daigle at the taping of the 46th Annual Dove Awards that will air on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Sunday, October 18, 9:00 pm CST. The talented singer/songwriter won three prestigious awards including New Artist of the YearSong of the Year (“How Can It Be”) and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year (“How Can It Be”). The triple win also earned Daigle the honor of being one of the top award winners at last night’s show. This is a remarkable achievement considering that Daigle’s debut album, How Can It Be, released April 2015.

Daigle was also a sought after interview on the Dove Awards red carpet that included interviews with WKRN-TV/ABC (live feed), WTVF-TV/CBS, RFD-TV, Juce TV, Salem Music Network and CCM Magazine, which will feature Daigle as the cover artist on the November 1st issue.

“What a night! I’m completely in awe of how graciously the industry welcomed me,” says Daigle.  “Many people find themselves in a lifelong search for just one person to believe in them and in their art. Last night was a clear representation of an industry that is championing me on. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to represent a God full of mercy and love that He would not only allow us the ability to create, but also to be rewarded for obedience. Thank you to everyone who played a part in believing in ‘How Can It Be’ and the heart behind the music.”

Daigle with her three Dove Awards for New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year – Photo Credit: Getty Images

Daigle with her three Dove Awards for New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year – Photo Credit: Getty Images

Daigle had another major career achievement this week, as her second single, “First,” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s National Christian Audience Chart (NCA). This is the first NCA No. 1 song for Daigle and the first chart-topping single for her label, Centricity Music. Lauren’s debut single, “How Can It Be” peaked at No. 6 on the NCA chart in March 2015. Daigle also has become a video favorite with her reaching 27 million views on You Tube.

“What a special week in the continuing journey for Lauren Daigle. To land her first No.1 single was a huge achievement for her and the radio team. To have the radio community embrace Lauren with open arms is so rewarding.” states Steve Ford, General Manager, Centricity Music. “Then to have the Christian music community do the same with three Dove Awards is beyond overwhelming.”

Daigle currently is on tour with Casting Crowns Thrive Tour that will run through November, followed by the Chris Tomlin ADORE Christmas Tour in December.  For continued updates on Daigle please visit,